About 24FXM

24FXM is one of the best provider of online foreign exchange (forex) trading, spread betting and related services. Our mission is to help global traders with access to the world's largest and most liquid market.We offer the most effective trading tools,have the best trading educators and abiding by the necessary financial standards to protect trader funds,we strive for the best online trading exposure in the market.


In the early 1992s there was a group of eager investors like you and me who wanted to trade forex, but easy access to the market simply wasn't there. We started 24FXM in 1999 with a unique online trading experience strategy to help the trading community that is now armed with personal computers and internet to trade the global currency market 24 hours a day.

In our first year of existance we traded $260 million a month which is pretty small compared to a sizable $435 billion now, but a huge achievement fr a new industry.

24FXM has got managed accounts that are regulated brokers only and here we trade on behalf of client, saving you the effort of continueously monitoring your trades and wasting valuable time,make you profit which is the reason why you are in this market.

Managed accounts are traded with absolute tight risk management plan with a management strategy that suites the technical and fundamental studies of both the financial institutions and individual investors.

24FXM'S goal is to help our clients achieve a susutainable and progressive profitability with less risk.


24FXM'S representatives are always ready to offer a service to its clients in choosing the best investiment strategy and tool that suits a specific clients needs.

The risk management team makes sure that all current trading signals and volumes suit the managed account sizes.

Fundamental and technical desk is one of the best in the industry with the best analysis in the market to predict the best price movements.

Our strategic expert team builds work plans that comply with risk management and market analysis.

Our director have worked in the biggest forex market and posses skills in this field of play and dealing with trading platforms and actual exsecution is easy.


As an increased number of financial players continueously joined the market, we opted for expansion at that time to develop the brand a broad, develop platforms that are suitable and customizable to specific customer needs for all our clients.


Transperancy in Financials

24FXM believes in transperancy to all our clients to know about the perfomance of the cmpany.We strongly believe all clients are entitled to knowing specific things about the company's financial stability.24FXM'S financials are audited by Ernst & Young which is the one of the top four ranked accounting firms in the world.

24FXM today remains in a every strong competitve position As of may 6th 2016:

  • Adjusted Q1/16 revenues of $71.5 million
  • Adjusted EBITATDA from continuing and discontued operations of $10.3 million
  • $204.0 million in operating cash
  • $635.2 million in customer equity
  • 245,731 active retail FX accounts
  • Regulatory capital surplus of $108.5 million


    Acccording to FCA regulations, 2FXM must meet strict financial standards, including capital adequancy requirements.On a regular basis24FXM submits it's financial reports to regulators.These standards are enforced by the FCA which reserves the rights to monitor or with hold our regulatory status for any sort of violations.

    Client Funds

    24FXM helps small clients to fund their accounts with utmost security to protect segregated accounts across the all global banks. We are also committed to transperancy with the financial status of the company to our clients.

    How are my fund safe with 24FXM ?

    24FXM is obligated to ensure a clear separation between money that belongs to clients and money that belongs to the firm. Client's money is transferred to a separate client money bank account held with a third party.

    24FXM only deposits client money with third parties that have a credit rating equivalent to the Financial Conduct Authority’s Credit Quality Step 5 rating. In the event that the firm were to become insolvent, the money held in this account cannot be used to reimburse other creditors of the firm.

    24FXM exercises all due diligence in its selection, appointment and periodic review of third parties to which it deposits client money.